From my dreams to theirs– Giving back to football, what football gave to me.


To help every kid who whose shoes I once walked in chase their football dreams like I did. And to serve the sport that has given me so much by teaching it to it’s future and promoting it’s continued role in our lives. 

IFC camp

“I really enjoy that it’s football season all year for me. I love working with impressionable youth athletes and providing a valuable and positive football experience. I approach my work more as a teacher and role model than a coach, and find it important to give players social, academic, and off the field pointers. My programs are based on fundamental mastery, skill isolation, and building consistency.  Personal improvement of every player–regardless of skill level, and learning how to practice properly are core values I aim to teach.”


Taking Back Football is owned and operated by Tyler Blum– former University of Iowa player and high school All-American. After his days as an athlete (including professional baseball), Tyler turned into Coach Blum. In addition to camps and coaching– he offers experienced, objective, & genuine advice, specifically for youth & high school players. In his 5 years expereince, Coach Blum has worked with players just learning the game up through elite junior high and high school athletes. He’s based out of Iowa City, but has worked with players across the state through the various programs and camps he’s been involved with.


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